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Angel Meditation

Quiet and ground yourself.

Connect with your chakras - root to crown.

Now, focus on your spine. Sense each of your vertebrae.

Place your hands on either side of your spine at the top of your neck. Slowly, reaching around in whatever way you can, massage your back on either side of your spine, working your way down from your neck to your tail bone. Feel the spaces between each vertebra. If you can't reach some parts, rub your back against a wall like a dog or a cat to feel them.

Next, go inward and visualize pairs of golden seed pods on either side of your spine, running from top to bottom, just beneath your skin.

Starting at the top of your spine, imagine the top pair of golden seed pods beginning to glow and open. Feel/see a tiny golden sprout or fiber emerging from the seed pod just as it would from a plant.

Vertebra by vertebra, move all the way down your spine, feeling each pair of golden seed pods opening and sprouting a little golden fiber.

Work your way up and down your spine again, now visualizing all of these fibers growing longer and stronger. Now they're as wide as your back, and still growing.

In your imagination, extend your wing fibers out until they are about two and a half feet across. Flap these fibers, wiggling them, pointing them up to the ceiling and down to the floor.

Play with your wings. Flutter them. Raise your left wing toward the ceiling and lower your right wing toward the floor Reverse. Point them all the way back behind you. Bring them all the way around in front of you, tip to tip, and riffle them up and down.

These golden fibers are yor wings - your antenna to the angelic realm. Imagine a loving golden energy pouring into the tips of each fiber from that realm. Feel that same loving golden energy pouring out from the tips of your wings into the world.

This angel meditation is paraphrased from the book "Ask your Angels" by Alma Daniel, Timothy Wyllie, and Andrew Ramer.

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