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Dolphin Journey

Imagine it is a quiet moonlight night and you are standing on a beautiful white sandy beach, the sand still warm under your feet from the sun's rays of the day. A gentle breeze is blowing through the palm trees and softly caresses your face and body. The moon is luminescent and full, and the shimmering pale white moonlight showers you with its powerful moon energy as moonbeams dance upon the undulating ebony water surrounding you.

As you walk along the beach with the waves gently kissing your feet and the ocean singing to you, you look to the heavens and you see the most wondrous, brilliant star. As you gaze upon this twinkling star, you see it fall suddenly into the water, and in a flash of Light, a beautiful, perfect dolphin emerges from that very spot. And in an instant your heart and mind know that this magical being came to you from the heavens above.

The dolphin calls to you in a language not of words, but of the heart. It is an easy joyous communication welcoming you to approach and enter the water. Excitedly you do so, finding the water warm and soothing. As you greet one another and you look into the dolphin's eyes, you see the Universe itself reflected there. You feel at peace and loved. It is a union and a reunion.

You remember and you are connected. Such joy and love you have for your new friend and guide. You take hold of the dolphin's fin and he gently swims with you. You feel totally safe and protected as you both now go beneath the surface of the water, deeper and deeper. How beautiful this underwater world is. You could stay here forever--surrounded by vibrantly colored fish, coral, sea and plant life of every description.

And in the distance you see a crystal cave---just for you. You and your guide effortlessly glide toward this cave, so inviting. And as you enter the cave, you find it has many, many rooms of many colors---red, orange, purple, green, blue, yellow. Each is healing and you choose the color you need. Or you may choose to visit each room. You are like a sponge absorbing the vibration, the energy, of all the beautiful colors. You may stay here as long as you wish.

And when you are ready to leave, you see that your dolphin friend has been patiently waiting for you and he now accompanies you to the surface. You float silently upward and emerge from the water healed and whole. You bid farewell to each other, thanking this magnificent Celestial being for his love and energy and for this healing journey. And in your heart, you know that he will always be with you.

This meditation was written by Miriam at Singing Drum.

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