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The Forest

We are now departing on a journey. It is a journey of peace and happiness. If at any time during our journey you feel frightened or upset, remember you only have to open your eyes to be back here.

You are sitting on a bench on a hill overlooking a vast space beyond you. You feel the soft wind blow through your hair. It is cool and refreshing. As you look far out beyond you into the distance you see amber fields of wheat. The long stalks and grasses are bathed in the golden sunlight. You hear a gentle rushing sound as they sway and tickle in the wind. As you gaze down onto the lush green carpet of grass you notice that there are wild fowers sprouting here and there, and a little way down the hill you notice some poppies. As you draw in your breath you smell the fresh air, mixed with the scent of wild flowers. You decide to take a walk down the hill towards the fields.

As you descend down the hill you notice that there are cows grazing at the bottom of it. You hear the clinking of the cowbells and now and again they low softly. You follow the edge of the golden field down the narrow path. In the distance there is a lush, green forest, towards which you are heading. All at once you grow aware of the gentle, silver sound of water running over pebbles. You walk towards a clear, cool, flowing brook. If you want to you can take off your shoes and socks and dip your toes into the crystal clear water. There are little silver fish flitting around in the stream. They quickly hide in the roots of the plants when a dragonfly dips into the awater. You feel relaxed and refreshed after your rest by the water and continue towards the forest. As you enter between the tall trees you look up. The trees tower above you like magnificent decorations in the inside of a golden-green cathedral. The ground crunches softly beneath your feet as you follow the path deeper into the forest. You walk for a long time between the tall trees , listening to the singing of the birds high above you. The ground is soft and the air smells musky. All at once you grow aware of a light patch in the forest towards which you are walking. You know know that this is where you have been heading all along, your own sacred haven. This place is your very own and nobody besides yourself can see or enter it. It may be a little cabin, a lake with a wise creature inhabiting it, a gateway to the clouds, or whatever you wish for it to be. You will now create this place with your imagination and make it whatever you want it to be.

(10 min music)

The time to leave is growing near. You feel fulfilled and happy. You know that everything you will attempt in your life from this moment on will be successful. You turn and exit your secret place. You follow the musky path beneath the tall trees and know that you can return whenever you want to, you have only to close your eyes and you will be in your haven of peace. As you leave the last trees behind you, you once again hear the bubbling of the little stream and follow the shining pattern of light on the surface. Soon the lowing of the cows prompts you to look up. You see the hill in the distance and turn to walk up the narrow winding path, in between the poppies and wildflowers. The gentle rushing of the wind is at your back when you return to your seat. You may remain here now for as long as you wish. if you feel tired, you may sleep. When you feel ready, open your eyes.


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