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Colour Meditation

Feel youself inhaling life's energy. Exhale, with a breath letting go of all your tension, fears and frustrations of the day. Clear your mind. Relax. Begin to breathe consciously, rhythmically. Consciously gain control over your mind.


As you sit or lie, bring your mind's attention to a red colored circle. Now, look at the circle, at the red. Look at it's energy. Close your eyes and concentrate on absorbing that red energy every time you inhale. Imagine that red energy entering your lungs with each breath you take. Feel the red expand into your arms. Feel it flowing, dropping down into your legs. You whole body fills with red energy. With each outbreath, as you blow out, feel all your worries, pains and frustrations leave you along with the very breath you are exhaling. Relax. Keep your eyes closed. Breathe.


Now, visualise a large orange ball of light, situated just under your navel. Move this energy upward, to jut over your head. Breathe deeply. Breathe orange. Imagine, breathing in deeply that you are sucking in the orange ball of light. As you inhale, image the orange light flowing through your whole body, through your chest, your arms, down, down flowing to your legs. Relax and hold this image. Feel the orange energy fill you, making you warm all over. Now allow this breath to move out of you. Exhale slowly. Feel all your worries, pains and frustrations leaving with it. Relax and rest , breathing normally.


Now imagine yellow - bright, golden yellow. Imagine the sun. Look at the huge, yellow sunball. Allow it to fold it's yellow rays over you. Sense freedom. Enhale the yellow energies of the sun. Let go of all the day's anger and frustration. Everything you see in your mind has a bright yellow tinge to it. Relax and breathe, feel the yellow fill your body. Allow it to move freely through your body, down, down to your feet. Your body is filled with warm yellow sunlight. Take a deep breath. Now blow it out, exhaling the the anger, tension, irritation of the day. Free it all. Be free. Breathe and relax.


Now imagine bright, grass green. See green meadows, hills, mountains, trees. Feel the green, life-giving plants before you. Breathe in deeply, breathe in green. Fill your body with green. Let it flow like a swaying tree throughout your body. Take a deep breath. Exhale, blowing out all your negativity. Be at peace, breathe, relax, be calm. Se the green mountains before you. Continue breathing. You are about to reach a greater height.


Now, see the wonderfuil, sparkling blue see before you. Inviting, cleansing. Restore your faith in yourself. See and feel the blue water splashing over you. See a large, blue ball of colour over you. Inhale the blue. Allow it to spash throughout you.. Feel alive, cleansed, rejuvenated. Let your life-force flow. Relieve yourself of life's burden's. Drop them into the sea. Exhale. Let everything negative out. Let go, be free. Relax and breathe deeply.


Now, imagine the colour indigo, indigo blue. Sky, flight, freedom. Soar above everything, in the midst of an indigo sky. Breathe in the indigo.. Allow the sky to permeate everything you see. Exhale. Allow your worries and pain to float out into the sky. They become light and float away. You feel lighter. Let them go.

Recognise now that your daily life is program created by yourself. Heighten your awareness of life. Let indigo fill your being with life.


Imagine now, a pure violet purple. See and feel this regal colour, be inspired by it. Go beyond it. Allow your imagination to take you. Listen to the music. Breather deeply. Inhale violet. Flow with energy. The energy of life. Don't fight it or be afraid. Go with the flow. Now violet energy fills you totally. You float, totally released. Breathe in deeply. Enjoy your freedom. Reflect on your life. Have a look at your life. Breathe in and out deeply all the time.


Exhale. Let go of the space where you are. You wish now to return to the present time.

Imagine the colour violet. Breathe out violet.

Indigo. Breathe out indigo blue.

Blue. Breathe out blue.

Green. Breathe out green.

Yellow. Breathe out yellow.

Orange. Breathe out orange.

Red. Breathe out red.

Sit or lie calmly for a while. Rest, eyes closed still. When you feel you are ready, open your eyes. Adjust to the rooom and your surroundings. Reflect on your meditation. Make notes before you forget what you have experienced.


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