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Astral Travelling A warm, witty, yet very thorough approach to Astral Travel. The best I've found. by Alan Guiden

Auras What they are and how to see and interpret them.

The Loving Buddha

The Chakras My personal summary of chakra information.

Chanelling Messages I have chanelled

Faith Healing Home Page of the Silent Unity Prayer Group

Reiki All about Reiki and energy healing.

Traditional Oriental Therapies and Medicine Includes Acupuncture, Oriental Herbology, Qi Gong, Chinese Nutrition, Tui Na and Chinese Massage and a Diagnosis section.

Life Ever wondered what life was all about...?

Being Human Rules for being Human :-)

Yoga - A couple of Yoga Postures Here are some postures that you can do right at your desk, at your computer, or in your office.

Yoga - The Yamas and the Niyamas The yamas and niyamas (restraints and observances)are not harsh rules, but are ways to live a life of deeper consciousness.

Yoga and the Chakras There are 7 energy centers called "Chakras" and they parallel the spine. Each chakra has certain qualities and associations. And there are yoga postures that help us get this energy in balance. By Kira Lis

Dragonfly's World Inspirational links and writings, good article on how to handle a disability

Paganism, Wicca All about Wicca and Paganism

Dolphins "The Spirit of the Dolphin" is all about these wonderful creatures and their unconditional love. by Stephanie Martindale

Dolphin Energy Healing The Virtual Dolphin project is dedicated to the healing of terminally ill children all over the world.


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