:-DUnderstanding You:-D


Keirsey Personality Sorter This is the quick test many psychologists use to evaluate the basic personality of their patients

Eneagram Personality Test A very insightful test into the different personality types

Eneagram General Information

Shapes Personality Sorter For a personalized psychological evaluation, click on the shape that appeals to you the most.

The Kingdom Intended for career guidance - Mediaeval Theme

The Foundations Book The Foundations book evolved from a class which was developed to help people get in touch with themselves and deal with past and present issues, removing obstacles between conciousness and the higher self. A definite *must*. Suddenly, everything makes sense.

Innerspace Check out the "Re-creating You" section for a whole new outlook on life



Facade - Divination Free readings using Tarot, Runes, the I Ching, Biorhythms, Bibliomancy and Stichomancy. You name it, they've got it.

Astrological Advice

Lifetreks - Dream Interpretation Services and Resources Free Dream Interpretation and evaluation.

New Age Insight Cards Form a question in your mind where you would like some guidance. Trust yourself to choose the INSIGHT CARD that is right for you, at this time. Then click on an Card! by Phil Walmsley


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