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How to see auras and subtle energy movement

What is an aura?

The atmosphere is charged with positive and negative ions, and everything gives off life energy, ie electricity, in some amount. Your body, being alive, is particularly charged with this life energy. The aura is the electromagnetic field which surrounds your entire body. The aura is constantly changing colour and pattern, as you change your thoughts, emotions and actions.

Can I see it?

Everyone sees auras all the time, the only difficulty is in accepting that this is actually happening. Auras can be felt physically, and have a measurable electromagnetic existence. It has been described as halo of light, an energy movement similar to millions of ants on an ant heap or the rippling of water on a lake, a band of light... The more books and texts you read on auras, the more interpretations and ideas you will find. Everybody sees auras differently and there is no "right" or "wrong" way to see an aura.

How can I see it?

To practice seeing auras, get a friend or family member who is open-minded and willing to help to stand against a pale coloured plain wall - cream colour is often said to work best. Alternatively, you could use a large mirror and stand in front of it yourself. The lighting should be medium, preferably fluorescent light if possible, but normal electric bulbs will work fine too. Direct sunlight is too bright and total darkness will not work either, although when you are expereinced you will be able to see auras under any conditions. Half a dozen candles spaced around the room work well. Stand or sit comfortably six to fifteen feet away from the person, or the mirror.

Look beside the head - 2-6 inches to the left or the right and defocus your eyes. Move the point of focus a few inches further away sideways and then back and forth, slowly. Experiment. Because everybody is different, nobody will be able to explain to you exactly how to do it. You are looking for a change in the light level around the person's head. There is a band of mostly white light 2 to 4 inches around people as the first layer of the aura, the etheric body. This is the easiest to see and the other layers extend out like layers of an onion. It is important to remain detached and objective. The trick is to be able to accept what you are seeing and not dismiss it as something you are making up.

You can also place a heater in front of the wall and try to see the heat waves, or try to see the wind (not the effect of the wind) blowing outside.

Don't get anxious if what you see is different, as everyone's experiences differ somewhat. Likewise, it is probable that it will take you quite a few times of practice before you begin to gain any results. If you are dedicated, determined and patient, you will see auras.

Seeing auras works best with high energy focused people, as they have the brightest energy radiation and are crisper in the arrangement of their patterns. The aura is a more complete description of a person. It contains information concerning the entirety of that being. Understanding this information can be difficult as it is not necesarily in a format which we understand. I think that it is best to combine an instinctive approach with empirical methods when interpreting energy forms viewed. The colours of the aura correspond in meaning the the colours of the chakras, but this is not a complete interpretation.

Experience is the best teacher.

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