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This section is ever-growing and expanding. If you want to retrieve one of the exercises from the system, you can either print it out directly or select the text, press CTRL+C (copy to clipboard) and paste it to a text editor, such a Notepad for later viewing. The best way to do these exercises is to record them on an audio cassette. If you need privacy when listening to them, use headphones.

Step by Step Relaxation of the BodyAn invaluable exercise, this is the starting point for most of my meditations

Breathing Meditations and ExercisesBreathing is the essence of Life

Being Centered

Color MeditationCleansing of the body, mind and soul by working with the energy centres of your body(chakras)

An Atlantean Meditation

Dolphin Journey

Angel MeditationGrow your own spirit wings and connect with the angels

The ForestTake a walk in the forest to a place of solitude within

Meditation Book THE Meditation Book. Takes you through basic relaxation and concentration exercises up to astral travelling. By Lorri Payton

I AM Chanelled Meditation by Charbern Awesome, meaningful, in short amazing. :)


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